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  1. Consumer is first and foremost

    We collect feedback from 1% of your site visitors. This is the strong signal that allows us to recognize a consumer’s real intent. Our starting point is truly consumer-centric, putting the consumer intent first in the retargeting process.

  2. Build audiences with award-winning AI

    With a small seed of visitor feedback, our AI-powered recognition engine continuously predicts the intent of your site visitors as they navigate, building unique intent-based audiences for retargeting campaigns.

  3. Campaigns that deliver conversions

    We run campaigns that deliver. The campaign performance is continuously optimized with our AI-based media buying platform to deliver the best return on your ad spend. You only pay when we deliver conversions, so we remain solely focused on your performance.

Content Is Everything

It baffles us that so much money is still spent on forms of advertising that are not beneficial to the consumer, nor where the current consumer attention is. Pre-roll ad views. Commercial breaks on streaming sites. These are the “impressions” marketers are focusing on. Why? There are better places money should be spent with bigger upsides. Great marketing should feel like a renovation, not a rehash of what has been done before.

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Advertising in the Year We Live

Anyone who doesn’t realize that the cell phone is exactly the same thing that the television was in 1965 is completely ignoring the future. When an ad comes on, when pre-roll shows up, people reach for their phones. As soon as the experience they were trying to have is interrupted by an invasive ad, the phone is where they turn to continue being entertained. Plus, the phone is always there. As you read this, is your phone within five feet of you? I thought so.

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Our retargeting solution is radically different to anything else you've used because our solution is focused on the consumer.

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